WEEK #3: detox me, please!

As week 3 begins, try adding some of these steps to keep you on the right path:
  1. EMF reduction: unplug electrical appliances and Wi-Fi routers when not in use (in your bedroom)
  2. Seek out non-electrical alternatives to many home appliances (www.Lehmans.com)
  3. Minimize cell phone use, always use speakerphone when you can
  4. Avoid Bluetooth –unless EMF protected
Help your body detox:
  1. As said before: Eliminate all processed and chemically laden food. Go ORGANIC, biodynamic, and with local farmer markets.
  2. Drink roughly half of your body weight (in pounds) in ounces of purified water daily.
  3. Drink quality “green” drinks UNSWEETEND
  4. Include a variety of nonstarchy, fibrous vegetables and greens in your daily diet
  5. Detox teas: FLORESSENCE (found in health food stores). Sip on empty stomach before bed.
  6. Powerful and safe daily detoxing support supplements that are helpful: chlorella, cilantro extract, astaxanthin, modified citrus pectin (Pecta-Sol), Modifilan.
  7. Take baths with Epsom salt: not only will this help you relax, it will help aid in any deficiencies you may have in magnesium by supplying to your skin.
  8. Detox the MIND: engage in meditation, autogenics, biofeedback, or neurofeedback using quality audiovisual entertainment tools (MindAlive.com), releasing techniques (Sedona.com), positive visualization, laugher, focus on feelings of love, appreciation, gratitude, and compassion.