Bowl of berries /w coconut milk
Salad /w roasted chicken, cherry tomatoes & olive oil / lemon juice vinaigrette
Macadamia nuts
Leftover paleo spaghetti
Chicken & veggie soup /wliver pâté
Beef jerky
Onion and spinach omelet /w leftover liver pâté
Tuna salad wrapped in lettuce /w almonds
Hard boiled eggs
Bacon & eggs /w piece of fruit
Bowl of berries /w almonds
Cold Leftover roast chicken /w mayo
Dessert:Baked apples
Raw veggies /wguacamole 

WEEK #3: detox me, please!

As week 3 begins, try adding some of these steps to keep you on the right path:
  1. EMF reduction: unplug electrical appliances and Wi-Fi routers when not in use (in your bedroom)
  2. Seek out non-electrical alternatives to many home appliances (www.Lehmans.com)
  3. Minimize cell phone use, always use speakerphone when you can
  4. Avoid Bluetooth –unless EMF protected
Help your body detox:
  1. As said before: Eliminate all processed and chemically laden food. Go ORGANIC, biodynamic, and with local farmer markets.
  2. Drink roughly half of your body weight (in pounds) in ounces of purified water daily.
  3. Drink quality “green” drinks UNSWEETEND
  4. Include a variety of nonstarchy, fibrous vegetables and greens in your daily diet
  5. Detox teas: FLORESSENCE (found in health food stores). Sip on empty stomach before bed.
  6. Powerful and safe daily detoxing support supplements that are helpful: chlorella, cilantro extract, astaxanthin, modified citrus pectin (Pecta-Sol), Modifilan.
  7. Take baths with Epsom salt: not only will this help you relax, it will help aid in any deficiencies you may have in magnesium by supplying to your skin.
  8. Detox the MIND: engage in meditation, autogenics, biofeedback, or neurofeedback using quality audiovisual entertainment tools (MindAlive.com), releasing techniques (Sedona.com), positive visualization, laugher, focus on feelings of love, appreciation, gratitude, and compassion.

Week #2: I NEED HELP...

As we approach the middle of week two, of our Performance Nutrition Challenge, here are a couple of tips to keep you on the right path:
  • Be conscious of any and all beverage and food choices.
  • Eliminate all sugars and grains: if you don't, your body will depend on sugar as its primary source of fuel. IF you keep sugars and/or grains in your diet, your body becomes more resistant to burning fat, you will continue to experience cravings, and many other issues.
  • Only cook with extra-virgin olive oil (organic preferred), sesame oil, coconut oil, or raw butter from a local farm.
  • Do not use table salt! Use Celtic or Himalayan salt (found in health food stores).
  • No fast foods!
  • Shop in farmer markets!
  • Supplement with Omega-3 oils: fish oil is preferable to flax seed.
  • If you take a multi-vitamin, try to find one that includes: iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese, chromium, boron, and vanadium. Avoid: colloidal minerals.
  • Be and remain physically active: find something that you enjoy and do it! Weight training, kettlebells work, and other anaerobic challenges benefit the body far more than aerobics for weight loss and cardiopulmonary health.
  • Do research: read, ask questions, and formulate your own opinions.
  • Sleep better: try to sleep a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Sleep deprivation (less than six hours a night) can lead to insulin resistance and hormonal imbalances. Avoid carbohydrates before bed time, eliminating high carb diets (see 2nd bullet point) will also assist in balancing insulin at nighttime as well -which will lead to a better nights rest.
  • Stay hydrated: take half of your body weight and drink that many ounces (at a minimum) in one day.
  • Reduce stress: take hot showers/bath, cilantro extract, stay hydrated, avoid sugars and grains, exercise regularly, meditation, attitude and body awareness, and the practice of positive emotional states,
  • Ask for help: there are many people out there just like you and looking for answers too, ASK!
REMEMBER: the most important thing in this challenge, and LIFE for that matter, is to be consistent! Be consistent, stay motivated, and never give up!

WEEK #1: Balance hormones:

Your hormone levels fluctuate throughout the course of your lifetime and at times may cause you to suffer (pain, aches, mood swings, fatigue or acne). Hormonal imbalances may be the result of natural biological cycles in your body, but are no less disruptive to your life or sense of well-being. Fluctuations in hormones can likely be kept in check with a proper balanced diet. Consult with your physician(s) about any symptoms you are experiencing and they may also be able to guide you as needed.

Let us take a look at some of the steps that you can take to help you balance your hormones, clean up your diet, and see better results from your workouts:

  • Minimize your intake of saturated fats and sugar. Look at your diet (now) and note how much of it consists of processed foods high in fats and sugars. Also, take note of your red meat and dairy intake. High saturated fat content in red meats and dairy may cause an increase in estrogen. High sugar intake, aka refined carbohydrates, will increase insulin levels. Increased insulin levels can lead to: the pancreas getting worn down and insulin production slows down to abnormal levels -causing type 2 diabetes OR you don't develop diabetes due to the pancreas still providing adequate insulin production, but you develop hyperinsulinism due to high levels of insulin in the blood. Hyperinsulinism can cause chronic obesity as well as high blood pressure, high levels of triglycerides, low HDL (good) cholesterol, heart disease, and possibly some cancers.
  • Increased intake of low G.I. (sugar) fresh fruits and vegetables, including those high in phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are plant hormones, when included in a diet by humans, take on the effects of naturally occurring hormones produced by the body. Foods included are: kale, broccoli, cabbage and turnips.
  • Do NOT skip MEALS. Your body is a machine and machines need fuel! When you eat in the morning, your body and metabolism get a jump start on the day that lies ahead. If you continue to "fuel" your body throughout the course of the day, this will help avoid unnatural fluctuations and imbalances to your hormone levels. 
  • Find a way to incorporate good fats! Including foods high in omega-3 and omega-6 (i.e. fish & nuts) are essential to any good diet because they assist in the production of hormones that transmit biological information throughout the body. A diet lacking in these "good fats" have been linked to inadequate or irregular hormonal function.
  • Keep an eye on the carbohydrate intake, as these impact insulin production. Insulin production in turn impacts hormone levels. A balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, fatty acids and a moderate amount of carbohydrates creates harmony and balance within the body.
  • Get in those high fiber foods. Fiber binds to estrogen, allowing the body to process and eliminate any excess hormone. The best types of these foods are: oatmeal, avocado, blackberries, cabbage, asparagus, eggplant, spinach, broccoli, & etc. Pending on which one of these you chose, you may need to eat them in small portions to avoid carbohydrate overload (the ones listed above *minus oatmeal* are all low carbohydrate and high fiber).

Use these steps to start cleaning up your diet today and there is NO question that you will begin to see and feel the results.